Smooth Greensnake


Smooth Greensnake  (Opheodrys vernalis)

Smooth Greensnake prefers moist grassy places such as prairie remnants, savannas, meadows, pastures, roadsides, marshes and lake shores. Greensnake is most often found in habitats with grass and other dense vegetation, where their green coloration provides camouflage protectiion from predators. 

Predators, include hawks, herons, bears, raccoons, foxes, and domestic cats. Other threats to Smooth Greensnake are loss of habitat and pesticides. Because their diet consists mainly of insects they are very susceptible to the effects of insecticides. 

Smooth green snakes eat insects,spiders, slugs, snails and salamanders.


Greensnakes are docile and quite friendly. However, just because they are cute and colourful, you should not try keep them as pets as they don't survive well in captivity.