Mink Frogs


Mink Frogs   (Lithobates septentrionalis )

Mink Frogs are always an exciting find. They are more of a northern species and are rarely found south of Algonquin Park. The southern limit of the Mink Frog is farther north than any other frog in North America. 

The Mink Frog is a moderate sized frog, olive to brown in colour and may have dark spots or mottling on the sides and hind legs. The belly is yellowish and the dorsolateral ridges may be prominent, partial or absent.


The Mink Frog is highly aquatic and rarely found on land. It prefers large, cold, permanent ponds, lakes and slow moving rivers with abundant vegetation. The eggs and tadpoles develop in permanent lakes and ponds. Both tadpoles and adults hibernate underwater. Because they live in cooler temperature, they tend to develop more slowly then other frogs of similar size. Tadpoles overwinter in water before transforming during their second summer. 

Mink Frogs eat dragonflies, damselflies, whirligigs, diving beetles, aphids and minnows.