Twillingate and the New World Island

July 2013

We made an executive decision and changed our plans for our final 5 days of our visit to Newfoundland and decided to spend two days staying at Dildo Run Provincial Park and tour the Twillingate area. This area was rich in beautiful landscape, lovely small fishing villages and coves and plenty of roads and trails to explore.

After setting up camp on a sweet site in Dildo Run, we set out to explore the Highway 346 towards Cobb's Arm. Cobb's Arm, Salt Harbour and Toogood Arm were all great places to get those classic Newfoundland landscape pictures.

The next morning we set out to explore the rest of the New Island starting with Chanceport, Bridgeport and Moreton's Harbour. This area had Kathy singing "I'se The B'y" as we travelled "All Around the Circle".

We made it all the way to Tizzards Harbour and to Valley Pond before back tracking and moving on to the Twillingate Island. There were plenty more small villages and coves to visit here. Twillingate is a popular destination and once you visit it, you can understand why.

We hiked the trail to Nanny's Hole at Sleepy Cove with it's rugged shoreline and steep cliffs. Long Point Lighthouse had more trails and plenty of breathtaking lookouts.

Before the day was over, we made sure to check out the Durrell area and the fantastic views at French Beach.

After a long day of exploring, it was time to head back to camp and spend the evening relaxing around a soothing campfire. Tomorrow was going to be another long day of travelling as our next destination would be all the way to Cape St George at the tip of Port Aux Port Peninsula.


Salt Harbour  Photo by Kathy deGroot

Sleepy Cove  Photo by Kathy deGroot

French Beach (Durrell)  Photo by Kathy deGroot

Salt Harbour  Photo by Tony deGroot

Durrell  Photo by Tony deGroot