MSR Dragonfly Stove

I have been using the Dragonfly Stove by MSR for quite a few years and I have to say, it’s been a great stove. It’s a very light weight and packs very small. It is very easy to balance and the platform is more than large enough to hold my largest pot without worrying that it might slip off.

The Dragonfly stove has been reliable and has never failed us. It’s been our main stove for many trips through the wet spring, hot summer and freezing late fall interior trips. It uses white gas but can be adapted to use a variety of fuels. The refillable fuel containers are environmentally friendly with no wasteful canister to dispose of.

If you need a stove that has variable heat, this stove will serve you well. When cooking, it can be turned right down to a simmer for those longer cooking recipes like those dehydrated meals that require a 15 minute simmer. And when you need to get a pot to boil in a hurry for that early morning coffee, just crank it up and the water will be at a rolling boil in a few minutes. As with most stoves, wind shields do help in breezy conditions.

The only negative issue I can bring up is the fact that it is quite noisy. It can sound like a jet engine in the quiet isolated wilderness. You really notice how loud it is if you have had it on for a while and then shut it off. It really helps you appreciate the quite interior when it is calm and still.

We also have the MSR Whisperlite. No simmer option, but it does live up to it’s name as it is an extremely quiet stove.

I highly recommend the MSR Dragonfly Stove. Although I have tried a few others, I have to say that this one is the stove that fits our needs.