Helinox Chair One

When we saw chairs in the interior we knew we were looking at homesteaders (people who paddle into the first lake or two and stay on a site for more than a couple of days). The idea of carrying a chair over an extended period with multiple nights and portages was just unheard of. Until know… Introducing the Helinox Chair One.

I decided to put this chair to the test by bringing 2 of them on our 10 day Brent Run Trip where it was carried over 40 of the 46 portages.  Would I take them again? Heck yeah!

Weighing at less than a kilogram, super easy to assemble and a load capacity of 145Kg, it is an amazing chair. The comfort is beyond belief for such a simple item. And after a few days in the interior, to have a comfortable back rest seems almost like cheating.

To maintain comfort and reduce weight, this chair doesn’t come without a few precautions.  Being so light, it could easily get blown around if left unattended in a windstorm. Common sense would be to either pack it away or keep it in a sheltered area during such a storm or periods of uncertainty when not in use.

Another issue is, due to its specific design, it should be placed on a reasonably level ground. Sometimes that can be a challenge on the occasional rough and sloped sites in the interior. The feet do sink in loose sand.
However, even with those mild inconveniences, it’s much better than sitting on a jagged rock, wet log or the dirt of the ground.

Many would consider the chairs as a bit pricey. Yes, it’s true, they cost just over $100 each. However, if you do a lot of tripping, you will find they are well worth the cost. We bought each other one for Christmas, which made spending the cash a little easier as it was something we would surely enjoy.

The Helinox Chair Ones definitely enhance our enjoyment of the great interior wilderness and will be coming on all our future trips regardless of length in days and distance of travel.