Painted Turtle


Painted Turtle  (Chelydra serpentina)

The Painted Turtle has two subspecies in Ontario, the Western and the Midland and is the only turtle native to Ontario that is not on the Species at Risk List. Like all of our turtles, the painted turtle is very easy to identify with its brightly coloured neck, legs and underskirt of vibrant red, yellow and orange streaks and lines.


Painteds are common and can be seen in groups of all sizes, basking together on logs, rocks or just about anything they can crawl up on (including each other). They are the most widespread of our regional turtles and can be found in just about any type of aquatic habitat. The reason why we may see juvenile Painted Turtles earlier in the year than most other turtles is because the eggs usually overwinter in the nests and hatch in the following spring.




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