Due to the high level of persecution of Coyotes and Wolves, these species are very shy and can be extremely difficult to photograph. Prejudice, fear and misunderstanding about the species have made wolves the most persecuted animal in history. We have seen a few coyotes and the occassional wolf in the wild, but we have had not much luck in photographing them. In fact, all wolf images on this page are from wolves in captivity.

However, we have heard wolves howling frequently in Algonquin Park both in the interior and while camping. We have heard Coyotes howling and yipping occasionally in other parks as well.

For us, there is nothing but adoration for both species.  When we are in the wild, we don't fear wolves or coyotes as we look at them as being harmless. Wolf attacks are the rarest of all large predator attacks. We do, however, tend to worry much more about off leash dogs, as they are far more dangerous.

Grey Wolf Pictures (Captive)


Coyote Pictures (Natural Environment)