Pickerel Frogs


Pickerel Frogs  (Lithobates palustris )

Although Pickerel Frogs are not considered as a species at risk, I must admit, we have had an extremely difficult time trying to locate any in our area. We have only seen and identified two different specimans, and we weren’t aware they were Pickerel Frogs until we looked at our images after the fact. 

The Pickerel Frog is medium sized and has smooth, tan skin with prominent bronze dorsolateral folds (folds of skin running down each side of the back), and two or, rarely, three parallel rows of dark, squarish spots running down the back between the dorsolateral folds. They can also have bright yellow or orange colour on their groins with a white belly and throat.


Pickerel Frogs eat insects, spiders and other invertebrates and will take terrestrial or aquatic prey where available. They can be found in habitats like in or near bogs, fens, ponds, streams and lake bays. They hibernate on the bottom of water bodies that do not freeze solid where they absorb oxygen through their skins. 

Pickerel Frogs are specialized in their preference for cool, clear waters and do not tolerate pollution. Human activities have definitely reduced and degraded many formerly occupied habitates.