Chorus Frog 


Boreal Chorus Frog (Pseudacris maculata) - Western Chorus Frog; (Pseudacris triseriata )

There are two chorus frog species in Ontario: the western and the boreal chorus frog. Prior to 1989, they were considered to be one species. 

The chorus frog is small and smooth skinned and varies in colour from green-grey to brown. The maximum size of the adult is just under four centimetres. A dark stripe runs through the eye and a white stripe along the upper lip. This species is distinguished from most other treefrogs by three dark stripes down the back. In some individuals, the stripes are broken into dots, dashes or small blotches. 

The chorus frog lives in forest openings around woodland ponds but can also be found in or near damp meadows, marshes, swamps and temporary ponds. This frog breeds in fishless ponds with at least 10 centimetres of water, including quiet, shallow temporary pools and floodplains.